All About Me

All About Me

I’ve written many blogs, both for my own businesses and for clients, but this is a whole new experience; this is all about me and why I started my business, Julia Ngapo Business Coaching.

So, firstly, welcome to my website and my blog articles and settle in to learn more about what makes me tick.

Had someone told me when I started out that I would be coaching other business owners, I would never have believed them. It was never on my agenda.

However, last year I was talking to my amazing friend, Jo Dutfield.

In the course of a general conversation about business, she asked if I was considering coaching?

Suddenly, this was the missing piece to the jigsaw.

I had been “unofficially” coaching people, I realised, in my existing business as a social media manager and marketing consultant. This was the part of my job that I enjoyed the most; helping clients to create clarity and understanding around their social media and marketing and to grow their business through effective use of these.

Invariably, in helping them to get noticed online, I had to dig deeper into their overall business objectives and very often I found myself supporting them in the strategic growth of their wider business. So, Julia Ngapo Business Coaching was born!

I know there are so many amazing women in the world, who already run successful businesses, but I also believe there are women who lack the confidence, who experience blocks to their own success, who just simply don’t know how to grow their business. Perhaps they’ve got caught up in the day to day and feel overwhelmed. Perhaps they’re so busy working “in” their business, that they can’t figure out how to work “on” it, instead. Or maybe they aren’t sure of the steps they need to take to get the business success they so deserve. Those are the women that I work with and those are the ones that I love to see succeed.

Having owned and run businesses in the past, there aren’t many problems that I haven’t faced, so when I coach a client, I’m not just “talking the talk”.
There are times when I have felt completely out of my depth; have had to deal with things that I had no idea about and faced problems that have kept me awake at night. That’s why I do what I do, because I know what it’s like to be a woman running a small business.

What else can I tell you about me? Well, I really do feel like I am made up of two distinct halves which definitely complement each other. Some years ago, I decided to study Reiki. I had been told many years previously, that I should be a healer and had done nothing about it. Then, the opportunity arose to study level 1 in Reiki and Seichem. Having successfully completed that, I was sure that this was where my healing journey would end; after all, I didn’t plan to be a therapist, I was too busy running a media agency! However, the following year, I completed my level 2 and then in 2020 completed training in Shamanic healing.

In early 2020, I became an accredited coach with the Sue Stone Foundation , helping clients transform their lives and empower themselves through the power of positive thought.

I could never have known that all of this “alternative” training would play such an important part in my work. When a client works with me, I work with the “whole” of them. I don’t work on just their business, as I believe that their business success is inextricably connected to their overall well-being. That’s why I ask that before I work with anyone, they undertake my 6-week “Catalyst For Change” course. This course allows clients to understand what is really holding them back and for me to understand with which aspects of their life, in general, they need support, in order that they can move their business forward.

If you would like to create momentum around your business, clear blocks and feel that you would benefit from the help and support of a business coach, then please get in touch. I would love to have a chat with you via Zoom or in-person and discover the ways in which I can help you create your business success. Julia Ngapo Business Coaching is business coaching with a difference! Come and find out more.

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