Choosing A Business Coach – 5 Top Tips

Choosing A Business Coach – 5 Top Tips

Choosing a Business Coach – What’s important to you when you start to work with someone? Is it that you “click” from the get-go? Our intuition or that “gut feeling” telling us that this person understands our vibe and “gets” us? Or do you judge them on their experience, or that they appear to “practice what they preach”?

There is no right or wrong answer on choosing a business coach, but here are my top 5 tips on making the right choice – for you and your business.

Social Media – Have a look at the coach’s social media accounts. Firstly, are they up to date? Whilst outdated accounts might be a sign that they are run off their feet with clients, it could also show a lack of attention – Is this someone who you would trust with your business? Next, decide whether the content they post aligns with your beliefs; Do they “walk the walk”? Read their blogs, watch their videos. Can you relate to them? Are they sharing valuable content with you, or is it all just “same old, same old”?

Relevant experience – In choosing a business coach, you really want to home in on someone who has practical experience, even better if it’s in your field of expertise. Learning practice and procedure is necessary, but practical experience cannot be beaten. Ideally, you need someone who has walked in your shoes and who may have experienced at least some of the same issues as you.

Rapport – Arrange a face to face or Zoom call with your potential business coach. Do you feel you can build a trusted relationship with that person? Do you feel you share the same values? This is important as you need to work with people who resonate with you and in whom you trust.

Ask Questions – Be open and honest around your needs, struggles and what you want to achieve out of the relationship. As a coach, I always arrange a discovery chat before taking on a new client to ensure a good fit and that we can work well together. This is important for both sides.

Trust Your Instincts – Does that coach inspire you, or do you feel excited to start working with them? You can do as much research as you like and look at a whole bunch of credentials, but I would always go with your gut feeling. Your instinct will always be true to your higher good.

Working with the right business coach will be a sound business investment, if it’s the right coach for you, in this stage of your journey. The right business coach will support you to remain in your power, whilst helping you achieve your business vision. Choose carefully.

If you would like to explore how working with a business coach could help you gain business momentum, whether you are seeking know-how and expertise, accountability, clarity or just help to get you out of your own way, then let’s set up a call.

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