Coaching Power Hour

One Hour: One Challenge - Your "Quick Win" Solution

Are you struggling to overcome a particular issue in your business?

Is there a block in your mindset that you just can’t seem to break through?

Maybe it’s about your pricing, visibility, or career direction.

Perhaps you haven’t started your business yet and need a sounding board to explore different ideas.

Whatever the issue, I can help you get unstuck.

Book a Coaching Power Hour with me, and I’ll help you work through the issue and get back on track.

A Power Hour is the perfect opportunity for us to define the issue, explore the possibilities, and create a plan to move you and your business forward.


Coaching Power Hour

Coaching Power Hour: Typical Issues I Can Help You Solve:

Setting your pricing for a new product or service
Identifying your ideal client
Banishing a mindset block
Gaining direction in a new career or existing business
Deciding where to focus when starting your business
Goal setting
Understanding and communicating your values
Time management
Sounding out your business idea

Here’s how it works:

Book Your Call: Follow the link at the bottom of the page to schedule your session.

Preparation: At least 48 hours before our call, you’ll receive a questionnaire. This will provide me with the necessary information for our session, ensuring we make the best use of our hour together.

Session Recording: After our call, you’ll receive a recording of our session, so you have an easy reminder of everything we discussed.

Optional Follow-Up: If you’d like a 30-minute catch-up call after your session to help you stay accountable, this can be arranged for an additional charge.

Session Structure: Here’s what your Coaching Power Hour will look like:

Defining Your Issue (5-10 mins): We’ll get clear on the challenge and what you want to achieve in our session. I’ll outline what we can realistically accomplish in our hour together.

Exploring the Possibilities (30 mins): Depending on the issue you’re facing, we may undertake some coaching activities or look at strategies.

Defining the Strategy (15-20 mins): We’ll discuss the practical steps needed to achieve your goal and how best to implement them.

Need more than one hour’s help? Book 1:1 coaching here.