Business Growth Strategy – 3 Steps

Business Growth Strategy – 3 Steps

What’s your recipe for Success – Why your Business Growth Strategy is Key.

Have you got a business growth strategy or are you guilty of just “winging it”?

Growing a business is a lot like baking a winning cake. You put all the necessary ingredients in a bowl and, as if by magic, something beautiful is created.

Except, you and I know that this isn’t how it works in the real world!

You can have all the right ingredients, some fancy (and probably expensive!) equipment and bucketful’s of know-how, but unless you know what the end result is supposed to look like and unless you have some recipe to follow, the outcome could be far from perfect.

And this is where growing a successful and sustainable business comes in. If you want to build a business, no matter whether a small, but beautiful lifestyle-type or a grand empire, then you need to have solid foundations upon which to build. Here are my three things to make your foundations super strong.

My recipe for Business Growth Strategy Success:

Strategy -This is the recipe that you’ll follow to create that showstopper of a business. A strategic plan will detail your vision for your growth – what does that growth look like in measurable steps? Then, how are you going to achieve it and by when? Your business growth strategy is the road map that you write for your business and it is unique to you. In as much as every business is different, so will be every business owner’s measures of success. Your strategy will need to be flexible to withstand the bumps in the road and remember, you can alter the route as often as you like. No strategy is ever set in stone.

“When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind”- African Proverb

Mindset – We’ve all seen those cheesy “inspirational” quotes about positive mindset and whilst I don’t recommend you become a walking, talking version of any of them, (You’re you, after all, and that’s your superpower!) mindset is still a really important element both of any success and your business strategy. If you don’t believe you have the right to success; if you don’t think you are worthy or for whatever reason, that growth is not part of your story, then you just won’t get the results you want. It’s really that simple.

Energy – What’s your “Why”? If you’ve lost track of the reason why you started a business; the passion that drove you in the beginning, then it’s going to be very difficult to find the drive you’ll need to push yourself and your business forward for success. You need to be energetically connected to your strategy or it just. won’t. work. You need to be enjoying what you do. Sometimes it’s easy to focus so much on the destination that we forget to enjoy the journey. Having the right energy, and energy that is aligned to your mindset will help you reach your business goals and enjoy the ride, too.

Successful and sustainable businesses are built through the right mix of ingredients. It comes from having a clear recipe (or direction), believing that you can create something beautiful (even when obstacles are put in the way) and enjoying all that your journey entails.

This is where having a business coach on your side can help. From creating that all-important strategy and helping you translate that into actionable but practical steps, to providing accountability and being a sounding board when you need one, right through to being there to celebrate your achievements is what I love doing! If you would like to discuss ways in which we can work together for your continued success, then contact me and let’s have a chat.

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