What’s Your Money Mindset? – 3 Top Tips

What’s Your Money Mindset? – 3 Top Tips

Healing Your Relationship with Money.

Money. It’s an emotive subject, and one that many of us will avoid discussing.  We all need it to support our most basic of needs, but most of us feel uncomfortable discussing it and avoid exploring our relationship with money like the plague.  However, our relationship with money can reveal a lot about ourselves.

Here are 3 ways that you can start to transform your relationship with money.

1. Stop Giving Money Meaning.

Have you ever had thoughts along the lines of “this £5 = Lunch”? or “This month’s salary = my car’s repair” or even “Money is the root of all evil? When you adopt this mindset, you are attaching a certain meaning to money, which either draws it closer or repels it. But, to overcome these beliefs, you have to change your view of money.  Start by exploring your own view of money.  What are the stories you tell yourself? “I’m bad with money” is a prime example.  Next time you catch yourself entertaining this thought, try to reframe it into “I’m great with money”.  The unconscious mind is not logical. It doesn’t stop and consider what is best for you and your relationship with money, it does what it is programmed to do. So, by reprogramming your limiting beliefs, your unconscious mind will start to look for ways in which to prove that you’re great with money and your relationship with money will start to change

2. Take practical steps.

Combine this with practical steps to take ownership and control.  For example, check your bank statement each day and feel gratitude for what you have.  In addition, give yourself a financial audit – when was the last time that you checked all your outgoings and asked yourself if you really needed them?   

“Your mindset about money will actively create your own financial reality”

Ann Sanfelippo

3. Increase Your Money Energy Flow.

Remember that everything in our lives is made up of energy; our thoughts, words and emotions are all energy. Money is energy, too and, as we have seen above, is impacted by the thoughts, words, and emotions we fuel it with. Put simply, if you view it positively and recognize that the ebb and flow of finances is natural, you will attract more of it.  You could try creating some positive affirmations around money.  Examples might be “Money flows freely to me”, “I release all resistance to attracting money” or “I am financially free”.

When you think of it, money has no intrinsic value; it’s just paper and metal and yet we attach such value to it that for some of is, it consumes our every waking thought.  By combining practical steps with a change in mindset, you can realign your relationship with money for good. If you would like to dig deeper into your relationship with money, or any other limiting beliefs, or grow your business, then why not consider my 1:1 coaching.  My 360-degree approach to your business, helps you clear blocks, align yourself to your business vision and create the success that you desire. Why not contact me for a no-obligation chat?

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