Who Are You? – Being Authentic in Business

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Who Are You? – Being Authentic in Business

Are you being authentic in your business? To some, it comes naturally, but to others, not so much.  They prefer to hide behind an image of how they think they should be; how they feel they need to act to fulfill someone else’s image of what a business owner should be.  But how can you ensure you are being authentic in your business and why is it important that we show up as our true selves?  Read this blog to discover three ways to being your authentic self and building a business that reflects that authenticity.

As a business owner, we are constantly transmitting energy.  We’re communicating our passion to our prospective clients, convincing them that we are the best solution to the problem they face.  To existing clients, we are showing them why they should remain loyal to us and not take their custom elsewhere. To team members, we are communicating our leadership, our knowledge.

Our business communications, whether on social media, product, or service brochures, in fact, any message that we send from ourselves to a wider audience convey elements of our energy. If we’re passionate about what we do and we believe in what we have to offer, then that will shine through in every aspect of our business.

But we can’t hope to transmit a positive energy; an energy that others will positively pick up on and that will attract our tribe to us if we aren’t authentic in ourselves. Being authentic lies in our confidence to be ourselves and to show that to the world.  To stand up with courage and conviction and say, “This is me”.  It involves showing up every day as the person we really are, warts and all, rather than the person we think we should be. It involves understanding our values and aligning these with our business goals.

Only then can we hope to run a business that not only brings us the joy that comes from doing something we truly believe in and where our passion lies, but also attracts and serves our ideal client.

But why can’t we “fake it until we make it” and project a shinier, more perfect version of ourselves instead?  Why is being authentic the key? Well, if you’re putting a less authentic version of yourself out there; a version that is not truly aligned to you and your values, then the results you get won’t be aligned either.  This includes the people that you attract – both clients and team members, too.

The messages that you communicate about your business will be confused – If you’re being true to yourself, then what you say and do will come a lot easier than if you are trying to be something you’re not. 

To be successful in business as well as life involves being authentic in everything you say and do.  Here are 3 tips to being authentic in business:

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Being Authentic in Business – 3 Tips

1.What Are Your Values?

As both an individual and a business owner, you will have values; those things that are important to you.  These are your non-negotiables when deciding if and how to interact with other people. Your values are all about what you stand for, whether that’s truth, compassion, loyalty. harmony, patience, or something else.  We are all unique and there is no right or wrong answer. But what is important is to have a clear idea of what your individual values are. Take some time out to revisit yours and to check that they still hold true.

Once you have your values clear, then communicate them to your audience.  Show and tell what is important to you.  Remember that we, as human beings, are attracted to and do business with other humans.  Don’t be afraid to show your human side!

No matter what happens on the battlefield of business, if you’re honest and authentic, you can never lose.

Jeet Banerjee

2. Do What You Love…

…And love what you do.  Lots of successful businesses are built on the founder identifying a solution to a personal problem.  This allows them to tell their story to their audience in an authentic way.  When you really love what you do and share the reasons for your passion with your audience, then they start to see the real you. The more of YOUR story that you share; your why’s in business, the more your audience will resonate with your message and connect with you. 

3.Embrace the Shadow Side.

It used to be that business leaders had to be strong, infallible figureheads, surveying their organisation from a pedestal.  Those days are gone, thank goodness.  Now, you’re more likely to find leaders sharing their weak points as part of their story, demonstrating how they have embraced and overcome these weaknesses and in so doing, showing the world that they are human, too.  Everyone makes mistakes and trying to make everything appear perfect is the ultimate blockage to success!  “Perfection” depends upon the actions of others, over which we have no control.  It is far better to instead be relatable.

In Summary.

When I’ve worked with clients helping them attract their target audience, some have been concerned about those clients who have fallen by the wayside. It’s true that being authentic in business, may not be popular with everyone. 

You may find that some of your audience disappear as they find you aren’t the person, they thought you were.  But that’s okay.  It’s better to attract our own authentic tribe than try to be all things to all men.

If you strongly believe in who you are and what you offer, then any losses will be replaced by those for whom you and your messages resonate and who want to build a business relationship with you.

Stepping into your genuine self and being authentic, open, and honest will attract the right sort of people to you.  Be brave and trust that you are enough, that there are people looking for you and what you offer and remember that being authentic, being you is the only way to be!

Are you looking to grow your business, but overwhelmed at the prospect? Do you have plenty of ideas but lack the time, knowledge, or resources to implement them? Are you working hard IN your business, but neglecting to find time to work ON your business?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then now might be the time to work with a business coach.  I offer 1:1 coaching to help women in business own their worth, communicate their values, banish their blocks and generally, get out of their own way in growing a successful, resilient business.

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